Straight Edge spoke to me because of my total hatred towards the drinking and “being stupid” environment I encountered in high school. I was never anti-sex or anti-booze. We were really anti-obsession because that’s all I saw from people around me-obsession with god, religion, money, drugs, alcohol. All this shit to me was meaningless. It’s what pissed me off the most. These people were nothing that I wanted to be about. My reaction was to use everything in my power to tell everyone what was up.
Back when I was a lot more violent, I had this thing: anytime anybody fucked with me when they were drunk, I would hit ‘em. I felt, “Just because you drink doesn’t give you license to be a fucking asshole.” Most people still think being drunk is an excuse, but, hey, you’re bringing that reality on me, and I’m not drunk, asshole. I’m not getting in your space, and I’m not interfering with your freedom or your path.”
— Pat Dubar (Uniform Choice)

(via wildstabsinthedark)

"A dude who ingested a little too much of a socially acceptable, legal beverage happened to cross my path. His judgement and motor functions are impaired so I might as well be Mr. Macho Sober Guy and punch him in the face to show off my superiority complex."